Mead signs initiative to boost tech industry

Friday, March 10, 2017

Ralph Callaway had a good job as a programmer in San Francisco. But money couldn’t slake his appetite for adventure, so he quit, moved to Jackson Hole and started his own tech company, Callaway Cloud Consultants.

“I didn’t want to choose between a successful career and following my passions,” he said. “When I was leaving college you either put off your career for a few years and became a ski bum or you became an investment banker in New York, worked 80-hour weeks, and, yeah, you had tons of cash but your quality of life sucked. Now with high-speed internet everywhere, location, it doesn’t matter. … You don’t have to choose.”

Despite the courage it takes to quit your steady job to start a tech company in a small Wyoming community, Callaway’s journey is far from unique.

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