Clean Coal Technologies Inc. making progress in Wyoming

Friday, March 17, 2017

Clean Coal Technologies Inc., an emerging cleaner-energy company using patented and proven technology to convert untreated coal into a cleaner burning and more efficient fuel, has released details of meetings held with key state and coal mining and business leaders in and around the Powder River Basin region of Wyoming.

"Our visit to Cheyenne and Gillette, Wyoming last week highlighted the need for a collective administrative and technological effort to help revitalise the region’s coal mining and export businesses,” stated Robin Eves, CEO of CCTI. “We had very productive meetings with both state and local coal representatives that were coordinated by the state business development office. These meetings, in conjunction with the ongoing support of the DOE and Capital Hill have led us to commence the application process for obtaining permits necessary for a commercial plant in Wyoming. While there, we also toured a very promising site with rail access where we may relocate and permanently move our test facility in order to commence testing our Pristine-M process on non-US coal."

 "The landscape has significantly shifted for the US coal industry since the new administration took office and the momentum to reinvigorate the coal export market is exciting”, added Aiden Neary, CCTI CFO/COO. “In order to succeed in this space, we need more than just technology. We also need a coordinated effort that addresses the transportation challenges facing US coal.”

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