Wyoming tests highway tech to save lives, boost commerce

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Wyomingites like to describe our state as one small town with some extremely long roads. It’s a fair description, with an entire state population dwarfed by large cities and long, lonely stretches of highway navigated by more antelope than humans. 

The relationship between interstate highways and commerce in the United States is well-recognized. Safe, fast and reliable highways enable regional manufacturing and agriculture; allow for longer commutes, which opens up a larger pool of potential employees; and open routes for travel and tourism from coast to coast.  

Thomas H. MacDonald, known as a tremendously influential civil engineer who worked with the Bureau of Public Roads from 1919 to 1953, credited much of America’s economic prosperity to the interstate system. 

He said: “We were not a wealthy nation when we began improving our highways... but the roads themselves helped us create a new wealth, in business and industry and land values... So it was not our wealth that made our highways possible. Rather, it was our highways that made our wealth possible.” 

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