Husband, wife trying to grow small, sweet operation

Monday, November 19, 2018

SHERIDAN — Four years ago, the idea struck Adam Folks while he walked a dog: We should open a cheesecake business. He asked his now-wife, Paige Folks, what she thought of working together on the side hobby. She expressed skepticism but recognized his passion and agreed to give it a shot.

At the time, they worked as caterers in Los Angeles and both had food backgrounds — she went to culinary school, he had worked at restaurants and as a baker and meat cutter — so the idea wasn’t entirely out of left field. Still, neither one had much experience with cheesecake. Adam chose the industry because of its potential for growth and because he hated the cakey texture of most cheesecakes and believed he could do better.

Paige came up with a name — Cheesecake Squared — and they decided to make square pieces to differentiate themselves. It seems to have worked, at least on a small scale. The business has gradually grown from an idea into a part-time home business serving 22 flavors of fresh-to-order cheesecake.

However, the past four years have included many trials and tribulations as the couple tries to transition the business from part-time passion project to full-time sustainable source of income. They have received largely positive customer feedback but struggled with getting the food to a wider number of customers.

During the first few months, most of their time involved figuring out the ideal ratios of ingredients. Adam tried countless varieties of recipes to determine the perfect flavor.

“He was like a mad scientist when we started,” Paige Folks said. “We came up with our own recipe by just experimenting so, so much.”

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