American Enterprise Project

Two years ago, Upton FBLA partnered with the Upton Economic Development Board to develop and implement the “Think Upton First” campaign created by the Development Board. Led by FBLA members Kade McMillan, Anna Schiller, and Sydney Davey, the campaign has progressed and has begun to involve both the Economic Development Board and the Chamber of Commerce to further create a lasting legacy for our community.

For the first segment of the partnership, FBLA members developed a basic understanding for shopping locally and the advantages that go along with supporting our community, as well as other local communities. For the implementation of the project last school year, FBLA members created videos on the benefits of shopping locally, discovered how much money you could save by shopping locally, as students also participated in the Rising Star of the West competition. While last year’s focus was to introduce the campaign to our schools, we have reached a new horizon to implement the main concept of what “Think Upton First” is all about.

This year, Upton FBLA incorporated the Upton Chamber of Commerce and to get more community organizations part of this project. Through the Chamber of Commerce, FBLA members were able to get more insight on how to implement more towards the project to make more of an impact for businesses.

To follow this, the members came up with different projects to highlight importance of shopping locally. Recently, FBLA members created a Facebook page “Think Upton First,” to give citizens a better vision of what their businesses have to offer. Along with this, more events are being planned at this time.

Through Upton High School’s FBLA chapter and the other community organizations, the town of Upton has the potential for something great. This campaign requires citizen participation to make an impact on our community. We must all do the best we can to make a concise effort to focus our money more locally. If we put more time and effort in our local businesses and community, we have the opportunity to grow and blossom. It starts with one person wanting to make a difference, and it only takes someone to “Think Upton First.”

Kade McMillan
Upton FBLA President