About Us

Since its inception in 1988, the Upton Economic Development Board (UEDB) has been striving to bring economic vitality to the greater Upton area. Started as a county-wide organization as the Weston County Development Board (WCDB) in February 1988, the WCDB was focused on discovering ways to achieve economic development in Weston County. The WCDB moved its operations to Upton in the late 90’s, where it has been ever since. The organization was renamed the Upton Economic Development Board in 2015.

When faced with the area’s largest employer closing its operations in 2001, the WCDB launched a grassroots effort to reclaim and reuse the former factory site. Working in conjunction with the Town of Upton and Wyoming Business Council, these volunteers partnered with other organizations, obtained state and federal grants and invested countless hours to demolish the plant, clean up the site and convert it to the Upton Logistics Center, a rail-served industrial park, which became operational in 2009. In 2012, Tiger Transfer, LLC purchased the Upton Logistics Center from the WCDB. Since then, the center has become Wyoming’s first BNSF Certified Site and the first combination BNSF Certified Site/Transloading Facility in the nation.

Today, the UEDB is focused to provide opportunities for economic growth in Upton. The volunteer-based board is on a mission to revitalize an Upton, Wyoming with economic vitality, an engaged, healthy and educated population, and a sustainable and vibrant community.