Site Selectors

With a rail-served business park, FAA municipal airport, regional high school sports facility, and a constantly growing regional population of 245,000 people, the greater Upton area is positioned to achieve economic viability. Combined with 300+ acres of developable land, multiple transportation routes and established tourism market, the greater Upton areas is the perfect place to do business.

WY We Do Business

There are numerous reasons why businesses, residents and organizations thrive in Upton. With an innovative education system, local access to amenities and beautiful location, the community is ready to welcome your business. Here’s some reasons you should consider locating in Upton:

  • The Upton Logistics Center, home of Tiger Transfer, LLC, has 274 acres certified for development. Tiger Transfer is the ONLY Combination BNSF Certified Site/Transloading Facility in the nation, making it the perfect location for commercial properties.
  • Mixed with aggressive planning through USDA funded Rural Business Development Grants, Upton is prepared to welcome new businesses and developments to the region.
  • With Rare Elements Resources building a demonstration plant being developed Tiger Transfer, LLC, emerging industry opportunities are available.
  • The Upton Municipal Airport’s Master Plan has concepts and plans for development opportunities for the airport, to match the demands from the economy.