Upton Municipal Airport

The Upton Municipal Airport is located southwest of the Town of Upton on Buffalo Creek Road. The runway, 13 -31 is a naturally occurring shale surface that measures approximately 3,710'x80'.  The runway is not plowed in the winter months, but is often free of snow due to the shale surface.

  • For runway conditions, please call Airport Manager, Lori Olson at 307-746-8411.
  • FAA Information available at AirNav.com.

Upton Municipal Airport Board Members (town-appointed):

Lori Materi, Chair
Scott Gerber
Danny Hart
Keith Materi
Dustin Kokesh

raf Municipal Upton Airport Staff:

Lori Materi, Wyoming State Liaison
Recreational Aviation Foundation
(307) 746-8411
lolson@theraf.org | theRAF.org

The Recreational Aviation Foundation preserves, maintains, and creates airstrips for recreational access.

Upton Municipal Airport Master Plan

"Please note that the plans presented in the Upton Municipal Airport Master Plan Study are conceptual in nature and do not imply that the Upton Municipal Airport will proceed with the plans as presented."

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