Committees and Membership

The Upton Economic Development Board has established committees, in order to encourage public and private community participation, innovative ideas, and to bring together resources in support of –

  • Improvements to the appearance and quality of life in greater Upton, Wyoming;
  • Growth of local and new business, and entrepreneurship; and
  • Projects that will improve the town infrastructure, provide a clean and safe environment, promote educational opportunities, and improve or create community amenities and resources for northeastern Wyoming.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, expertise or resources to one of the following committees, or would like more information, please contact Kade McMillan at 

Thank you for your interest!

Airport Advisory Committee

The Upton Municipal Airport Board, a Town of Upton board, manages the day-to-day airport operations, and maintenance, and makes recommendations to the town regarding improvements.  This committee collaborates with the Airport Board regarding future planning and improvements.

Broadband Rural Expansion

The mission of this committee is to collaborate with the Wyoming broadband manager and committee, broadband providers, the Town of Upton and Weston County, in order to bring 100% high speed Internet service to the greater Upton area.

Golf Course/Upton Gun Club Area Advisory Committee

This committee collaborates with the Upton Golf Club Association and the Upton Gun Club, in order to (1) improve the golf course and gun club facilities and infrastructure, (2) facilitate economic sustainability of these organizations, (3) create a plan for compatible development of the area, and (4) facilitate implementation of the area plan.

Property Development

This committee is tasked to (1) identify specific areas in and around town for redevelopment and new development, (2) assess the ‘shovel readiness’ of each site, (3) identify the best land use for each site, (4) prioritize the sites for development, (5) create a list of development incentives, (6) promote the sites to attract investor/developers, and (7) assist with the development review process.

Workforce Development

This is an area where most businesses struggle – attracting and retaining a talented workforce. 

It is the goal of this committee to (1) bring together business leaders, educators (K-12, college, vocational and technical educators) (2) collaborate and create plans to attract and retain workers, (3) provide training and education, and (4) develop resources for employers and employees.