Wyoming Earthmoving Corp.

524 1st st • Upton, WY 82730
United States

M-F 6am-6pm

Wyoming Earthmoving Corp.'s Image

Wyoming Earthmoving Corp. has been in business in Upton since 2009 as a full service dirt construction company specializing in excavating, fine grading, compaction, soil stabilization, reclamation work, demolition, trail building, seeding, gravel hauling, water hauling, trash containment, trash removal, snow plowing, and on-site consulting. WEC is a family-owned business with David Wise, Glen Wise and Jerry Stephenson as joint owners. They employ a professional staff and crew of 10 to 20 people, depending on the season. With a reputation of quality workmanship and efficiency with projects for WYDOT and University of Wyoming, WEC’s motto is: “If it’s difficult, we can do it right away. If it’s impossible, it may take a little longer.”

Wyoming Earthmoving Corp. has a sister company, Strong Road Products Inc. Strong Road Products has a stabilization product that when mixed with soil of a plastic index of 50, will reduce swelling in that soil by 97%, which will cut road building costs tremendously.