Little Safari Daycare

1103 6th Ave • Upton, WY 82730

Hours of Operation: M-F 7am – 5pm

Little Safari Daycare's Image

Little Safari Daycare is a daycare in Upton, Wyoming that specializes in providing childcare five days a week. This business provides children two meals and two snacks a day, with the structure of its care system being very play-orientated. Little Safari is a DFS Licensed Family Child Care Center with the capacity for 15 children. It serves ages infant to 13 but mostly pre-school age children. Upton School provides bus transportation for Pre-School children. Little Safari Daycare is active in the community, hiring inters from Upton High School to work and gain experience in childcare.

Products/Services: Full daycare services five days a week for infants to 13 years of age.