America’s Economic Strength Built on Global Connections

Monday, April 23, 2018

U.S. trade policy should not be viewed as an “us vs. them” pro

In today’s on-demand, delivered-to-your-door economy, successful companies can no longer afford to operate in just one location. They spread out operations across time zones and throughout countries to ensure they can provide the best products and services to their customers.

In the case of America’s economy, that means millions of U.S. workers have a job because an international company decided to invest and set up operations here — paying wages and benefits that are about 25 percent higher than the economy-wide average. However, those high-quality jobs may be at risk if Washington approaches future trade policy with an obsolete “us versus them” mentality. 

Both domestic and foreign-based companies are essential to the U.S. economy and workforce. Global investment from foreign-based companies supports 6.8 million American jobs, writing paychecks totaling nearly $640 billion annually. More than 35 percent of these jobs are in the manufacturing sector, producing nearly a quarter of U.S. exports. Also, when an international company invests in the United States, it also builds local supply chains, creating new economic opportunity for area businesses. 

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