Relief grant applications, payment processing continue uninterrupted

13 Jun 2020

As of midday Friday, the Wyoming Business Council had received more than $60 million in Business Relief Stipend program applications and had approved $2.95 million of applications for payment. 

Thirteen Wyoming business owners received a total of $236,640 in the initial round of payments, which began Wednesday. The Business Council opened applications Monday morning. 

Sam Clikeman of Big Lost Meadery in Gillette was among the first business owners to receive funding to mitigate financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“It’s been a really easy process, from how quick the application process is to receiving payment,” Clikeman said of the $18,732 grant he received. “This is huge. Good timing. This helps some of our operating shortfall for being closed for two months.” 

Clikeman said Big Lost has reopened its bar at 50 percent capacity. The business also distributes its products to restaurants, bars and retailers. 

“We’re going to be fine,” he said before exercising caution. “Now we’re just waiting to see how much damage the coronavirus has done to our customers, both in-state and out-of-state. We don’t fully know who’s had to shut down for good because of this.” 

The Business Council encourages eligible businesses to apply for the Business Interruption Stipend if they haven’t done so. Program eligibility, more information and the application link are available at

The Wyoming Legislature created the Wyoming Business Relief programs during special session on May 15-16. Governor Mark Gordon signed the bill on May 20. In addition to the $50 million Business Interruption Stipend program for eligible businesses with 50 or fewer full-time employees (30 hours per week or more), the Business Council is in charge of rules promulgation and standing up: 

  • The $225 million Coronavirus Business Relief Stipend for eligible businesses with 100 or fewer full-time employees (30 hours per week or more). 

  • The $50 million Coronavirus Mitigation Stipend to reimburse eligible businesses with any amount of employees for COVID-19-related health and safety costs including, but not limited to, sterilization, sanitizer and protection equipment. 

The governor is authorized to transfer up to 25 percent of the funds allocated for each program between the three programs if beneficial or necessary. 

“The quick launch of the first program allowed us to get dollars in the hands of businesses as soon as possible, and it has helped us learn exactly what businesses need in the next programs,” said Josh Dorrell, CEO of the Business Council. “We are proud to have served the ones we have so far and will continue to work to help businesses keep operating.”