Wyo's wide-open spaces continue to attract investment

7 Jul 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic knows no boundaries, life in Wyoming still looks and feels quite familiar compared to much of the country, where millions have been holed up in high rises. 

"We never had an explicit name for it like we do now, but most Wyomingites will tell you that social distancing is one thing they have always appreciated about life in Wyoming,” said Wendy Lopez, business recruitment manager for the Wyoming Business Council. “We’ve got plenty of wide-open spaces here.” 

Spectacular views, boundless recreational opportunities, low population and room to grow have always been important features Lopez highlights when recruiting businesses to the state. And, while COVID-19 has brought about many changes for everyone across the country, it has also brought awareness to just how appealing those wide-open spaces can be to people and businesses. 

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