Upton: Child Care Needs Survey

24 Sep 2020

Sandy Hart has purchased a building with plans of opening a daycare center.  The project is currently in the planning phase.  In order to plan the best possible care for Upton's children she needs your input.  

From Sandy:

The need for childcare in Upton has been an ongoing battle for some time.  I am working on a solution but in order to find the best solution to the problem I need to hear from those of you in need of childcare services for whatever reason.   I have visited with the Upton Chamber of Commerce, Upton Economic Development Board, Weston County Children's Center and community members about a proposal for a short term solution and long range plan for quality childcare in Upton.   I need information from you to know what the number of children needing care is and what types of care are needed.

I have created a short survey to help identify Upton’s childcare needs and would appreciate your input by filling out a short survey.  

If you are in need of childcare please take the time to complete the short  survey at the following  link  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XQFXZP9