Governor Introduces “RIDE” Advisory Group to Lead K-12 Education Initiative

20 May 2021

CHEYENNE, Wyo. –  Governor Gordon has announced the membership of his K-12 Education advisory group, setting in motion an effort to lead Wyoming’s education system into the future.

The Reimagining and Innovating the Delivery of Education (RIDE) Advisory Group is tasked to study and develop recommendations for elevating Wyoming’s primary and secondary education system into a position of national leadership.

“Wyoming’s future is intertwined with education. If we don’t provide a world-class education system, we will be challenged to stay competitive in a changing world and retain the families that make up both the fabric of our communities and the heart of our workforce," Governor Gordon said. "Answering that challenge is more than just a funding question.”

“My goal is to identify strategies encouraging innovation and student-centric, life-long learning," he added. "Our students must be well-informed citizens capable of adapting to, and thriving in, ever-changing work, social, civic and economic environments.”

The Governor noted that K-12 education is more than just the State providing funding. He has asked the group to examine and identify what our families, communities and businesses expect from the educational system.

The group will include the following members:

  • State Representative Evan Simpson
  • State Senator R.J. Kost
  • John Masters
  • Craig Dougherty
  • David Northrup
  • Jill Bramlet
  • Fred von Ahrens
  • Brian Worthen
  • Nicole Novotny
  • Thea True Wells

“I have asked these individuals to take a comprehensive look at our education system to see how we can improve it,” Governor Gordon said. “This is critical work, and I appreciate each of them committing their time to give it their attention, expertise and full consideration.”

The Governor has asked the members to gather, review, and discuss suggestions and feedback from all sources with an interest in Wyoming’s education system, paying special attention to “consumers” – parents, students, business and citizenry.

In assembling the advisory group, the Governor included independent volunteers that do not represent specific education-focused interest groups. However, he emphasizes that direct input from those stakeholder groups will be sought and incorporated into RIDE’s work.

The initial meeting of the RIDE Advisory Group is scheduled for early June. Public engagement opportunities will take place statewide, with an announcement of those meetings forthcoming.