Well Water Testing Cost-Sharing

9 Jun 2022

Well Water Testing Day for the District has been moved to June 30th. 

If you live in a rural area, it is likely that your daily water supply comes from a well on your property. More than 75 percent of Wyoming’s population relies on groundwater for part, or all, of their drinking water supply. This water comes from more than 90,000 wells.You are solely responsible for the maintenance of your private water well, and are required to maintain it in such a condition that it does not contribute to contamination of groundwater. The Wyoming DEQ recommends home owners test their well annually.

The District provides a 50% cost share on well water testing to help homeowners in the District stay informed about their water quality. Reserve your kit today! Call the office at (307) 746-3264 ext 4. We offer tests for bacteria, and a full workup for domestic wells, as well as livestock and irrigation suitability tests. For more information on the test options and prices go to https://westoncountynrd.org/well-water-testing/

Call or stop by the office today to reserve your test kit. Kits can be picked up the week of June 20th and samples are due back to the office by 10 am on June 30th. 

Weston County Natural Resource District