Discover the Benefits of Upton’s Farmers Market this Summer

Discover the Benefits of Upton’s Farmers Market this Summer Main Photo

12 Aug 2022

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Each Tuesday throughout the summer season, local vendors gather at the Upton Farmers Market to sell a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, homemade canned items, jams, jellies, freeze-dried foods, handmade crafts, salsa, wax melts and more. But farmers markets are so much more than niche operations for discerning customers. Farmers markets boost the local economy, build a sense of community pride and promote a healthy respect for a sustainable local environment. 

Farmers markets are critical contributors to local job creation and the cultivation of strong, vibrant communities. Growers selling at local outlets create thirteen full-time farm operator jobs per $1 million in revenue earned, while those who do not sell locally create only three. 

Attracting younger farmers to the agriculture segment has become an increasingly difficult effort nationwide. The National Young Farmers Coalition reports six times as many U.S. farmers over 65 as those under 35. Farmers markets offer a glimpse into the prospects for a farming career, providing rare low-barrier entry points for new farmers, ranchers and food entrepreneurs to start small and test new products. 

Support local farmers

August 7 - 13 is National Farmers Market Week and a perfect opportunity to join the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) in promoting and assisting these community treasures. Like the produce they grow and sell, farmers markets, farmers and other agribusiness entrepreneurs need proper nutrients to grow. Along with National Farmers Market Week, the SBA is promoting its collection of resources and tools it provides to help aspiring business owners bring their dreams to reality. A complete list of these, like the Community Navigator Pilot Program, Women’s Business Centers, Veterans Business Outreach Centers and more, can be accessed at the SBA Resource Partners website. 

Upton Farmers Market

The Upton History and Heritage Preservation Organization hosts the Upton’s Farmers Market at Upton’s Old Town. The market is an opportunity for home-grown and homemade products to be sold directly in the community, completing the circuit of local self-dependency and viability. Locally grown and made products by Upton residents have the opportunity to provide more local amenities to the community to keep products and services circulating. There is a lot of potential for small business development through locally grown and made products. Consumers and interested vendors can find a recent list of farmers market contacts below.

  • Diana White – Crafts, Produce, Vinaigrette (307) 468-2702
  • Ty Kennedy – Freeze Dried Foods (307) 746-5766
  • Kasi White – Baked Goods, Pies, Bread, Cookies and Eggs (307) 468-9323
  • Jim and Theresa Kangas (R&H Greenhouse) – Produce, Canned Items, Plants and Flowers (307) 941-0347
  • Sam and Joyce Haptonstall (Happy Veggies) – Vegetables (307) 468-3587
  • Nicole Strong (Edge of the Pinea Artisan Candle Company) – Wax Melts and Warmers (307) 290-0723
  • Robin Allen – Jams, Jellies, Dry Drink Mix, Garden Produce, Crocheted Items and Handmade Crafts (307) 629-4040
  • Don Savage – Salsa (307) 696-5224

Nicole Strong

Robin Allen

Jim Kangs

The Upton Economic Development Board is here to help you grow your business as well. Please contact us today to learn more about our assistance programs and networking opportunities.

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