Rhoades Roofing & Remodeling has steadily grown through quality work, word-of-mouth

1 Sep 2022


“We built our own house 20 years ago,” says Cindy Rhoades. It marked the beginning of her and her husband J.D.’s work in construction. “There was a lot that we did wrong, but we learned how to do a lot of stuff.”

J.D. gained additional experience working with Neil Kopp and later completing roofing projects with Gideon Dixon, Cindy’s cousin. “We also learned a lot from Tina Sundstrom when she was building inspector,” says Cindy. “She showed us new techniques and tips along with helping us understand code requirements.”

“I work a 28-day rotating schedule,” says J.D. of his work at the coal mines. “On the 14 days that I’m off from the mine, we schedule roofing projects.” Beyond roofing, the Rhoades have built a pole barn, remodeled a basement, and more.

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