What in the World?

12 Sep 2022

I guess I am getting old. I saw the most unbelievably ignorant sign this weekend. “Finally, Dairy-Free cheese”! What the heck is cheese? Dairy. But the more important question is, what the heck is dairy-free cheese?

Okay, no need to jump all over me, I know people have allergies, don’t eat cheese then!! I’m allergic to citrus. Guess what? I don’t eat it!! Problem solved.

To me we aren’t advancing our species by eating food that isn’t natural. I already think we are hurting ourselves by eating foods with all the preservatives in them.

We harvested more than we could handle from our garden this year, and I don’t can any longer. So we gave a lot away. I am amazed at how hard my ancestors must have worked to put up enough food for the winter. What a humongous job! What courage it took. Although they just took it in as part of their lives. That’s how they survived. Even my grandparents bought only essentials like coffee, flour, and sugar from the store in town. Along with fresh fruit, if available or even canned if fresh wasn't available. Grandma believed in fruit daily. She did make jellies and canned wild plums and chokecherries. They gardened and farmed to survive. They sold milk, eggs, and chickens, raised their own beef and pork, and their feed. That was their life. Grandpa was a farmer and Grandma a teacher. She is my hero, as I’ve said before. How hard she must have worked. They both lived into their 90s.

I support our farmers and ranchers today. It’s my heritage, like the vast majority of us that live in this part of the country. If we didn’t have them, we’d all be eating “dairy-free” cheese and “non-meat” hamburgers. Not even veggie burgers, because you still need a farmer for them. I guess I’m just waiting for that “citrus-free” orange. No more out of line than the rest of the junk they’re producing now.

By Lisa LeVasseur, Publisher/Editor