Golden Shovel Agency Client - Kade McMillan from Upton Economic Development Board - Wins Mid-America EDC Award for Small Community Marketing Program

Golden Shovel Agency Client - Kade McMillan from Upton Economic Development Board - Wins Mid-America EDC Award for Small Community Marketing Program Main Photo

8 Dec 2023

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Upton EDB and Chamber Websites Featured in Economic Development Association Award

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Mid-America Economic Development Council (MAEDC) has honored Kade McMillan, representing the Upton Economic Development Board (UEDB), with the Economic Development Award for Small Community Marketing Program. The award, presented at the Mid-America Competitiveness Conference in Indianapolis, recognizes outstanding achievements in economic development efforts.

The winning project, titled “The Best Online Presence for The Best Town on Earth,” showcases the collaboration between the Upton EDB, Upton Chamber of Commerce, and Golden Shovel Agency in redesigning and revitalizing Upton’s online presence.

Upton, nestled near the crossroads of Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska, faced the challenge of attracting attention to its hidden gem of a town. The outdated Upton EDB and Chamber websites hindered business owners from showcasing their companies and engaging with the thriving Upton community.

In response, the Upton EDB and Chamber, with support from Golden Shovel, embarked on a journey to create two redesigned websites. Now featuring compelling graphics, immersive videos, and interactive elements, these platforms facilitate meaningful engagement between businesses and the community. Notably, local students played a vital role in creating and promoting these websites, contributing to workforce development and the success of the EDB and Chamber.

The redesigned online presence allows the UEDB to provide detailed information and generate reports on available land, real estate, and development requirements. The Upton Chamber now has an easy-to-use website with built-in tools to highlight local events, businesses, news, and education.

“These redesigned websites serve as an excellent engine propelling the influx of visitors, businesses, and residents to the Upton, WY region,” said Kade McMillan. “The immense value they deliver to the Upton community is truly reflected in their captivating videos, visually appealing graphics, comprehensive business directories, informative site selector reports, and invaluable workforce data.” 
Golden Shovel Agency played a crucial role in the success of this project by designing the Upton EDB and Chamber websites, ensuring that the integrity of each organization was maintained while achieving a seamless collaboration.

“We are thrilled to be part of a project that has not only transformed the online presence of Upton but has also contributed significantly to the region's economic development,” said John Marshall, President at Golden Shovel Agency.

The Mid-America EDC award adds another milestone to Upton’s journey towards being recognized as the “Best Town on Earth,” showcasing the power of collaboration and innovative online marketing strategies, even in small communities.


UPTON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT BOARD has been striving to bring economic vitality to the greater Upton area since its inception. Today, the UEDB is focused on providing opportunities for economic growth in Upton. The volunteer-based board is on a mission to revitalize Upton, WY, with economic vitality, an engaged, healthy, and educated population, and a sustainable and vibrant community.

MID-AMERICA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL is a professional association representing thirteen states that collectively contribute significantly to the national economy. Its members are dedicated economic development professionals who share best practices to make you more valuable to your organization.

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