Black Hills Power Purchases Town Land

17 Feb 2022

At the regular meeting of the Upton Town Council on Tuesday, February 8, Vice-Mayor Justin Norman opened the public hearing on the sale of Lots 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Block 43 in the Sawmill Addition to Black Hills Energy Corporation for the amount of $0.52 per square foot or $21,858.46 for the purpose of economic development. Superintendent Mark Lindstrom stated that Black Hills Energy would put up a shop building and a fenced storage yard for keeping trucks and equipment for personnel in Upton. Councilman Nick Trandahl asked if Black Hills Energy would install security on the property, Superintendent Lindstrom said they would.

Councilman Joe Watt asked Fire Chief Mike Hiatt if the Upton Volunteer Fire Department was good with the sale, Fire Chief Hiatt replied, “After we heard about it [the sale] we went down there and looked, and we still have plenty of room to practice and train.”

Councilman Watt then said that the Council was doing their job for the Town and that they would work with the Fire Department on whatever they need. There was a short discussion of benefits to the Town from the purchase in taxes, utilities and infrastructure.

With no further comments or concerns, Vice-Mayor Norman called for motion to approve the sale. A motion to approve the sale was made by Councilman Dennis Stirmel, seconded by Councilman Watt. The motion passed.

By Ann Barker, Reporter

Courtesy of the Weston County Gazette