Coberly Accepted to the U.S. Naval Academy

29 Apr 2022

By Kade McMillan Community Events Reporter

Upton High School Senior Aidan Coberly, son of Clark and Lara Coberly, has officially made his college decision, taking him to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. The acceptance is a grand accomplishment for Coberly, as the Naval Academy is very selective with an 8% acceptance rate.

Coberly spent countless hours weighing the different options he had in front of him before officially making the decision to attend the Naval Academy. He had narrowed his college education down to two schools, Notre Dame University in Indiana, and the Naval Academy in Maryland, before ultimately making the decision to attend the Academy. “I had to weigh the opportunities that would ultimately come after college, which the Naval Academy had more benefits that fit my interest range and goals,” Coberly explained. “It just felt like my school.”

There are a lot of different emotions for Coberly as he prepares to embark on the next chapter of his education, and life. While there is a lot of nervousness with the commitment of the Naval Academy, there is a huge sense of pride because of the limited selection, and overall process. A major component of the process is receiving a nomination from a U.S. Senator, which Coberly received from all three of Wyoming’s elected officials, Senator Cyntha Lummis, Senator John Barrasso, and Representative Liz Cheney.

“The selection process is very in-depth, and you have to go round by round in the process to see if you make it in. I feel super fortunate and lucky because of being one of the select few that made it in,” Coberly said. While it might be something that he has not experienced before, he is excited with how prepared he will be for the future because of it.