Airport Master Plan

29 Jul 2022

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By Kelley Millar, Upton City Hall Clerk

In 2020, WYDOT Aviation awarded $90,000.00 to the Town of Upton on condition of a 10% or $10,000.00 match for a total of $100,000.00 for a Planning Grant to develop a Master Plan at the Upton Municipal Airport (83V). Airport Board member and Manager, Lori Materi, was instrumental in the award as well as negotiating for a significantly reduced match requirement. 83V scored very low on the priority list for a planning project through the priority rating model (PRM) at first blush, so Lori went to work justifying the importance of a planning project, and here we are. Also, match requirements for this type of grant are generally 60/40, but she was able to secure an agreement for a 90/10 split. The Town of Upton, Weston County Commissioners and Upton Economic Development Board worked together to secure the $10,000.00 match.  

83V has been awarded past grant monies for safety upgrades and was advised by WYDOT Aviation that a Master Plan was the required “next step” to be eligible for future grant consideration. All of the Fly In events held at 83V have also been funded through WYDOT Aviation Encouragement grants and the hard work of Lori.

An advisory committee engaged with Morrison-Maierle to develop the master planning documents. Morrision-Maierle presented some options to the council for the Master Plan in December 2021 including buildings, aprons, and other structures, but stressed that the options shown in the final document would consist of what could be, not necessarily what will be. The Master Plan should be wrapped up soon and will be presented at a regular council meeting.

Any future projects for the airport would first be added to the Wyoming Aviation Capital Improvement Program (WACIP) in the fall each year as WYDOT Aviation lays out budgets and projects years in advance. WYDOT Aviation has been a great resource throughout the granting and project process.