Sheridan Memorial Hospital will have behavioral health and emergency triage facilities by 2026

19 Jan 2023


Sheridan Memorial Hospital (SMH) has received funding that will create a dedicated triage space for their emergency department as well as providing resources for those with behavioral health needs locally. The funds are being provided by the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB).

“The State Loan and Investment Board awarded $5.9 million to Sheridan Memorial Hospital for use in the project that we have which is a behavioral health unit, inpatient and behavioral health unit, and it's a $12.8 million total project,” said Mike McCafferty, CEO of Sheridan Memorial Hospital. “Also, the State Loan Investment Board awarded us $480,000 on a separate project that will be used in our emergency department for triaging patients. It'll be to change the upfront process by which we triage patients.”

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